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For a discussion of school inclusion and mergers see Wikipedia talk:Schools


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This is a resource to monitor the process of articles on schools. The criteria for inclusion of school articles are not generally agreed upon and may or may not include notability, verifiability and the quality of the article in question.

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Listed on Articles for deletion[edit]

Please see Wikipedia:Watch/schoolwatch/Votes for deletion archive for an up-to-date list.

Marked as "cleanup-importance"[edit]

Special collaboration[edit]

What does the above mean??

Regarding the current proposal being discussed on the talk pages at WP:SCH. A Keep or Merge vote is being touted as a compromise that might get us out of school AFD hell. Presently people create school articles containing neutral, verifiable information and it is impossible to delete them, even though many have a desire to do so. Rather than striving for an impossible consensus to delete any given school article, it is preferable, and takes much less energy, to merge the text of the article into an article about a suitable habitation or administrative unit: a city, county or state, or a school district, either a local education authority or other school system. This should be done while taking care not to delete the information contained in the article.

How would this compromise work? One solution is to tag new school articles that are considered candidates for merging with a template such as the following, template:schoolzone, to warn those unfamiliar with the process from tagging it for AFD. This will also serve as a holding category and bring to attention schools that need to be merged or expanded.

Merging is appropriate if the school article is both below three sentences and lacks any sort of illustration, boxed info-template or picture. If the article is merged, the current location should be replaced by a redirect, and the edit history maintained for future use.

We now have an good chance to test this proposal since User:Bp28 has just created the school district page Lincoln Public Schools including new pages for all the middle schools and high schools in the district. Already four of the middle schools have been tagged for deletion by User:Luigi30. Do we really have the energy for 11 middle school AFD's? I have tagged the remaining schools with the schoolzone template in the hope it will prevent the others reaching AFD.

Above is a list of the schools and a description their current state.

Let's see how these grow over the next week and then discuss which ones if any are merge candidates after that period of time. This will be a useful exercise for several reasons:

  1. It will help convince those who wish to delete such articles that given a chance they will grow if less time is spent arguing in AFD.
  2. It will help determine what form a merge candidate will take.
  3. It will also help us reach a consensus of the type of school article that is worthy of being kept without merging.

I urge everyone here to participate in this project as an exercise in good faith. David D. (Talk) 00:42, 6 December 2005 (UTC)

High Priority[edit]

cleaned up, corrected town link, added more info, but still very stubby.

Medium Priority[edit]

hate site
Now just a sub-stub with bad formatting

Low Priority[edit]


Redirected to Westminster School

Recent redirects[edit]

See Wikipedia:Schools for unofficial recommendations and discussion of mergers and redirects. If redirects are done, please expand the article with verifiable and signficant information at the same time. If redirects are added, please add them below, under the date the redirect was put in place, along with the target. This section is only for redirects placed on what was previously a stand-alone article.

December 21, 2005

December 13, 2005

Copyright violations needing rewrite[edit]

Where Copyvio issues are identified, the offending material should be removed immediately. As specified at Wikipedia:Copyright violations, "If some of the content of a page really is an infringement, then the infringing content should be removed, and a note to that effect should be made on the talk page, along with the original source. If the author's permission is obtained later, the text can be restored."

Please list new copyvios below.