Departments of Bolivia

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Departments of Bolivia
Departamentos de Bolivia (Spanish)
Bolivia Departments.png
CategoryUnitary State
LocationPlurinational State of Bolivia
Populations110,436 (Pando) – 2,706,359 (La Paz)
Areas37,620 km2 (14,526 sq mi) (Tarija) – 370,620 km2 (143,098 sq mi) (Santa Cruz)

Bolivia is a unitary state consisting of nine departments (Spanish: departamentos). Departments are the primary subdivisions of Bolivia, and possess certain rights under the Constitution of Bolivia. Each department is represented in the Plurinational Legislative Assembly—a bicameral legislature consisting of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Each department is represented by four Senators, while Deputies are awarded to each department in proportion to their total population.

Out of the nine departments, La Paz was originally the most populous, with 2,706,351 inhabitants as of 2012 but the far eastern department of Santa Cruz has since surpassed it by 2020; Santa Cruz also claims the title as the largest, encompassing 370,621 square kilometres (143,098 sq mi). Pando is the least populated, with a population of 110,436. The smallest in area is Tarija, encompassing 37,623 square kilometres (14,526 sq mi).


Flag Department ISO 3166-2 code Capital city Largest city Population
km2 (sq mi)
Density per
km2 (sq mi)
Flag of Beni.svg Beni B Trinidad 480,308 213,564 (82,458) 1.97 (5.10) 9
Flag of Chuquisaca.svg Chuquisaca H Sucre 637,013 51,524 (19,894) 11.18 (28.96) 11
Flag of Cochabamba.svg Cochabamba C Cochabamba 2,028,639 55,631 (21,479) 31.6 (81.84) 19
Bandera de La Paz.svg La Paz L La Paz El Alto 2,926,996 133,985 (51,732) 20.2 (52.32) 29
Flag of Oruro.svg Oruro O Oruro 551,116 53,588 (20,690) 9.22 (23.88) 9
Flag of Pando.svg Pando N Cobija 154,355 63,827 (24,644) 1.73 (4.48) 5
Flag of Potosí.svg Potosí P Potosí 901,555 118,218 (45,644) 6.97 (18.05) 14
Flag of Santa Cruz.svg Santa Cruz S Santa Cruz de la Sierra 3,370,059 370,621 (143,098) 7.16 (18.54) 25
Flag of Tarija.svg Tarija T Tarija 583,330 37,623 (14,526) 12.82 (33.20) 9

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