Battle of Aong

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Battle of Aong
Part of Indian rebellion of 1857
DateJuly 15, 1857
outside of Aong village
Result East India Company victory
Nana Sahib's forces,
Rebel East India Company sepoys
Flag of the British East India Company (1801).svg East India Company
Commanders and leaders
Bala Rao United Kingdom Henry Havelock

The Battle of Aong took place on July 15, 1857, during the Indian rebellion of 1857, between the East India Company forces and Nana Sahib's forces.

The East India Company forces under the command of General Sir Henry Havelock were advancing to Kanpur (Cawnpore), which had been besieged by Nana Sahib, supported by the rebel Company sepoys. Nana Sahib had earlier sent an army to check the advance of General Havelock to Kanpur, but it was defeated by Havelock's forces at Fatehpur on July 12.[1] Nana Sahib then sent another force under the command of his brother, Bala Rao.

On July 15, the British forces under General Havelock defeated Bala Rao's army in the Battle of Aong, just outside the Aong village. During the battle, Havelock was able to capture some of the rebel soldiers, who informed him that there was an army of 5,000 rebel soldiers with eight artillery pieces further up the road. This enabled Havelock to decide his further strategy.

Coordinates: 26°09′16″N 80°33′58″E / 26.1545686°N 80.566240°E / 26.1545686; 80.566240


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